Safeway Environmental

Compliance & Safety

Safeway project management teams strive to provide the most up to date protection for our employees and in turn the safest possible outcome for the projects we undertake. We begin by assessing each project, taking into account building use, size, location, public access, types of waste to be generated and schedule of works.

We then assess any and all risk and draw up a thorough site specific risk assessment of the site. We discuss the risks with the client and establish a formal procedure for the implementation of the method of works going forward. Safeway employs the most up to date abatement systems and through technology is always able to offer our clients more efficient solutions when compared to our competitors.

Safeway will ensure that the project is properly equipped with the necessary safety equipment to protect our employees and third parties from exposure to any hazardous materials generated on the site. We begin by providing Type 5/6 coveralls blue for work area preparation and transit, white for removal. Employees are face fit tested annually and assigned with Scott Full Face Powered Air Purification Respirators. Scott 1/2 face negative pressure, P3 respirators are assigned for low risk works. In addition at a minimum Safeway provides Decontamination systems both mobile and modular as well as Head, Hand, Foot, Eye, Ear and Hi Visibility wear.

All of our employees receive annual refresher training offered by ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractors Association), and we also subject at least two of our sites annually to random audits. ARCA, in partnership with ATAC (Asbestos Testing and Consultancy Division), are the UK and Ireland's leading providers of asbestos removal training, asbestos supervision training, asbestos surveying training and asbestos management training.

All our staff have completed courses and have up to date certification in Safepass, Working at Height, Confined Spaces, Harness Training, MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms) and PSCS (Project Supervisor Construction Stage). Training provided by Absolute Safety Matters. By providing a safe working environment Safeway can reduce project delays and ensure that our clients expectations are met and often exceeded.

If you have any specific questions regarding aspects of site safety, please do not hesitate in calling our offices at (066) 713 8880 or contact us here.